Farmers vexed in Kendrapara district due to prawn mafia

Kendrapara: Illegal prawn farming has considerably increased in Rajkanika Tehsil area of Kendrapara district in Odisha while the illegal prawn mafias are earning huge money out of it.

Yet, reportedly, there is no strong action taken by the government while vegetable farming has been abundantly affected as the prawn mafias are releasing the toxic water directly to the canal. A report.

As per reports, vegetable farming has been amply affected due to the illegal acts of the prawn mafias in the Hatadihi panchayat in Rajkanika block in Kendrapara district. Hundreds of farm lands have been affected.

The small farmers who harvest vegetables, paddy etc. have lost crop. They have complained that though the matter has been raised in front of Rajkanika Tehsildar, the administration is yet to take any action against the Prawn mafias to check their illegal work.

The problem is the toxic water released from the prawn farming area have been directedly released to the canal, which the farmers irrigate their farmlands with this water. The Hatasahi, Abdulpur, Deulatara, Namtara, Sihopada are the panchayats where crop loss has been witnessed in paddy, potato, sunflower and cereals farming.

The farmers have alleged that the matter has been conveyed to the district administration but action is yet to be taken to address the issue. On the other hand, the Tehsildar has assured to take action.

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