Netflix’s Squid Game: a record breaking revolutionary series of the era

South Korean series ‘Squid Game’ is constantly gaining popularity, for its amazing storyline and revolutionary content. The series revolves around a survival game based on six childhood games except it is more of a life and death situation.

Social media platforms are echoing with praises for this show that was released less than two weeks ago. Since September 24, this K-Drama has sat atop of Netflix’s global top 10 charts, breaking the record of Bridgerton, which has 82 million accounts viewing it. Currently, Squid Game is the most-watched show in 90 countries and as Netflix announced, it’s on its way to becoming the most popular series from the giant streaming platform.

It is astonishing to know how a series with such a silly name can become Netflix’s most popular series ever, in just a few weeks.

With an attractive theme of class struggle, which is universally cathartic, viewers have been able to relate to its concept and understand the events that unfold. Also instead of just focusing on two polar opposite classes, the show also captivates the audience’s attention with its portrayal of smaller themes like survival of the fittest, trust-building, kindness and family.

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the series stars cast a number of actors, both Korean and International. The appearance of one of South Korea’s globally acknowledged stars, Gong Yoo, also brings an adrenaline rush to his fans around the world.

The streaming giant- Netflix having expanded its horizon to over 190 countries, has now started to produce content that can encapture the global market. Along with English and Hindi series among others, several Japanese and Brazilian shows have also performed well on the OTT platform. Especially South Korean dramas like Persona, Sweet Home and Love Alarms have shown good performance.

Despite being a dark show, Squid Game is shot in a very vibrant and colourful setting, focusing on the violent absurdity of the games. the show has proven to have a spectacular production value.

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