Akshay Kumar suffered a bruise in his outing with Bear Grylls in the jungle

Mumbai: Actor Akshay Kumar suffered a bruise during his wild outing with Bear Grylls in an Indian jungle, and said he will cherish the wound as a memento.

Akshay went on a wild adventure across Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka with popular British adventurer and host Grylls to shoot an episode of “Into the Wild with Bear Grylls”.

During the journey, Akshay bruised himself while performing a survival skill, climbing a rope ladder at the extraction point.

“I’ve never climbed this. I’ve climbed a lot of ladders, but never one foot ahead, one foot behind. This is going to be the first time I’m going to try doing this,” he said before taking on the challenge.

After landing on the bridge, Akshay said: “The climb was very good”.

“I really enjoyed myself. Learnt something new, how to climb. And here it is, a memento,” said Akshay while pointing towards the bruise.

In the episode, Akshay will also be seen tasting elephant poop tea. The episode will premiere on Discovery+ on September 11.

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