Elon Musk offers 1 billion dollars to Wikipedia, but read the conditions here

Elon Musk offered 1 billion dollars to Wikipedia if it changed its name to  ‘Dickipedia’ for a year. This offer sparked a global frenzy on X.

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and SpaceX, has once again made it to the headlines with a rather unusual proposal to Wikipedia. The billionaire, known for being active on X (Formerly Twitter), offered a whopping amount to the popular online encyclopedia. Elon Musk offered 1 billion dollars to Wikipedia if it changed its name to  ‘Dickipedia.’

This offer sparked a global frenzy on X, with users from all corners of the internet joining in. One user encouraged Wikipedia to accept the challenge. This prompted Musk to add a twist to the challenge -Wikipedia would have to keep the name for a year. Musk even humorously replied, “I mean, I am not a fool lol.”

Elon Musk even shared a screenshot of Wikipedia’s homepage, which boldly declared, “Wikipedia is not for sale,” along with a “personal appeal from Jimmy Wales.” Musk promptly questioned the Wikimedia Foundation’s need for such a large sum, especially since the entire text of Wikipedia could fit on a smartphone.

In addition to this, Musk even questioned if a cow and a poop emoji could be added to his Wikipedia page. This playful exchange on Twitter attracted millions of views and likes, leaving many amused.

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While some Twitter users were cautious, considering Wikipedia’s history of seeking donations, others found the situation quite similar to a ‘Cage match challenge.’ Some netizens even suggested buying Wikipedia and letting AI handle updates, while a few pointed out Musk’s typical ‘rich guy’ moves.

In an earlier incident, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales criticized Musk for complying with Turkish authorities’ demands to restrict content critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Musk defended his actions, saying it was a choice between throttling Twitter entirely or limiting access to some tweets.

It is worth noting that Wikipedia had been blocked in Turkey for over two years due to local regulations, which deemed it as obscene or a national security threat.

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