Weekly Horoscope from February 14 to February 20, Check prediction

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for February 14-20.

Aries: This week, the health of your spouse may remain fragile and there could be some misunderstanding between you two. You are advised to be calm while dealing with your partner and try to sort out differences amicably. Professionally, your secret enemies or opponents may try to harass you. Do not be part of any kind of office gossip and do not confront anyone directly, otherwise, you may have to face unnecessary problems. This period will also encourage you to change your job, but avoid taking any decision in haste. This is a good period to review your plans with your business partner. If you have applied for some loan, there are strong chances of it being cleared.

Tip of the week: Don’t take hasty decisions.

Taurus: Your enthusiasm, determination and fighting spirit will help you accomplish pending tasks. This will help you get an increment that may have been pending for a long time. This is also a good time to start your own venture as all the plans you made in the past will now start taking shape. In personal life, there could be some ego conflicts with your spouse. However, single natives are likely to find their future partner. Those looking for remarriage are also likely to hear some positive news. In terms of health, avoid fried and spicy food as problems relating to abdomen are indicated. Try to indulge in physical activities or sports.

Tip of the week: Be competitive.

Gemini: This week, you will be able to overpower your competitors. Your workload is likely to increase and there could be some disputes with co-workers. However, this is a favourable time to change your current job. You may incur some sudden expenses during this week, hence, maintain proper balance between your income and expenditure. There are indications for purchase of a new vehicle. You will pay special attention to the interior decoration of your house. Students may face distraction in their studies and have to try hard to remain focused. Those married may remain worried about the health and well being of their children.

Tip of the week: Plan to switch job.

Cancer: Avoid being rigid and hasty. If you work on this tendency of yours, this week will be full of opportunities and you may be asked to lead a team or an important project. Your ability to influence people will increase which will help you negotiate some profitable deals for your business. On the personal front, single natives will be able to meet their significant other. Your children are likely to make steady progress in their academics or in their respective fields which will make you proud. If you have been planning to buy or sell property, then this will be a propitious period. Official trips taken during this time are likely to bring monetary benefits in future.

Tip of the week: Plan an official trip.

Leo: This week, you may experience an increased flow of activity at your workplace, and may be called for providing your advice on completion of important tasks. Your reputation among your peers is going to increase. However, remain grounded in your approach, otherwise, you might lose out on the opportunities. Your maternal relatives will remain supportive towards you. This will also be a good week to invest in renovation and repair projects at your home. You may acquire a new vehicle during this time. Some emotional issues from the past may resurface which can increase negativity in domestic life.

Tip of the week: Prepare for additional responsibilities.

Virgo: You will be energetic and will work with increased skill and competency leading to gains in career. Your efforts would bring handsome rewards and these achievements will lead to an increase in your self-belief and confidence. This is a good time to fulfil your hobbies, desires or undertaking adventures. On the personal front, there could be some differences with siblings. So, try to remain calm while dealing with them. Those who are single can enter a new phase in their life. Students will shine in academics and look to pursue advanced studies. Healthwise, your stamina and energy will be high which will help you to recover from any past illness or disease.

Tip of the week: Focus on your hobbies.

Libra: This week, avoid impulsive buying as it can exceed your expenditure significantly. You are also advised to stay away from taking any kind of loan or credit. The health of your mother can be a cause of worry for you. Avoid taking decisions relating to sale, purchase or construction of property else it can create problems. Professionally, this period will help you to utilise your resources properly, increase your productivity and help you finish pending projects. Singles are advised to speak out their heartfelt feelings to their beloved which will help them to start a new relationship. Married individuals will also get support from their spouse and in-laws.

Tip of the week: Manage your expenditure.

Scorpio: This week, your competitive spirit will be high and you will be able to overcome your competitors. This will enable you to grow financially in your current organisation. You can also get an opportunity to work for some other organisation with higher perks. Financially, this week is auspicious for investment and multiplying your assets.

Investing in land or property matters will pay rich dividends. But, do take the advice of experts before making any decision. In personal life, a dominating attitude can make things difficult to manage. Your relationship with your father is going to improve and he is likely to support you financially.

Tip of the week: Look at long-term investments.

Sagittarius: This week, you need to learn from your previous experiences and plan a new investment strategy for the future. Your competitive spirit will remain high, but avoid direct confrontation with your opponents. Personally, you could face some disputes with your spouse. Some past issues could also come up which can further aggravate the situation. Your elder siblings are likely to see an increase in their wealth and belongings. Students preparing for competitive exams will experience favourable results. You might face some problems related to sleep which can have an impact on your health. You are advised to relax and take proper sleep.

Tip of the week: Learn from past experiences.

Capricorn: This week, you will be more organised in your endeavours which will contribute to your professional growth. You will work cooperatively with others, which will help you establish a positive image among your subordinates and seniors. Business people are likely to bag projects and a sudden cash influx is on the cards. Undertaking Journeys are likely to prove advantageous and will add to profits. Those actively involved in sports or are participating in other competitive activities are likely to get success. This is a favourable period for your love life as you are likely to witness an inflow of fresh energy in your relationships. Health is likely to remain stable.

Tip of the week: Cooperate with colleagues.

Aquarius: This week, you are likely to be more confident, courageous and ambitious and will achieve your desired results. This is a favourable time to start your own business. You are also likely to get favourable opportunities related to your professional field. Focus on your work and do not look to impress others. Your financial prosperity will improve. Some conflicts with those in higher authority are indicated. Some of you are likely to get positive outcomes in matters related to property and real estate. Progress in your personal life is also indicated as any previous issue in your married life is likely to get resolved.

Tip of the week: Start your own venture.

Pisces: This week, your hard work will provide you with appreciation and recognition from your seniors. There could be sudden benefits which can improve your financial position. At times, you can become opinionated or inflexible regarding your beliefs which can lead to arguments and conflict. Personally, some difference of opinion with your father can create a bitter environment at home. You are advised to take extra care of your belongings; else losses are indicated. Avoid traveling as it is likely to lead to expenditure and stress. Gains from abroad are indicated. Do not neglect your health and drive carefully as injuries are likely.

Tip of the week: Don’t be strongly opinionated.

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