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November 1 horoscope: You may face serious issues today Pisces


You are probably too eager to come to a conclusion, don’t rush and enjoy every small thing that comes your way, Aries. This is especially true when it comes to any sort of art project or romantic partnership that you might be involved in at this time. If you aren’t savoring every part of your journey, then perhaps this isn’t the path you should be on.


Today you will realize that your connection with people is much better than you have thought of, Taurus. You have a good psychic sense, use this energy to see things that others usually miss. Do not let your busy schedule disrupt the deeper connection you have with your thoughts and ideas. People around you are more malleable today than usual.


You could be trying to befriend someone younger than you, Gemini. You both don’t have anything in common, and probably you do not even speak the same language. You could upset this new friend with a small accidental move. So, be aware of your moves. It’s not like you cannot learn to be friends. Remember that this kind of relationship is going to take some work.


There’s irony in the air for you Cancer. Doesn’t matter how tragic the situation is, the only solution to deal with it is to accept them and joke about it. If you try to take yourself too seriously, especially when it comes to art or romance, you will inevitably fail. Your heart is sensual and your emotions profound. Bring yourself into balance by laughing instead of crying about the events of the day.


The more you dream, the more inspired you will be to fulfill them, Leo. However, be careful, do not let your determination turn into neediness and desperation. It’s unattractive and helps you reach nowhere. Hold on to the good spirit and let determination turn into motivation and cooperation. You will realize that this is especially true when it comes to matters of the heart. You have a great deal of power. Put it to good use.


Today is your day, Virgo, as you may find things running smoothly and to your advantage. Watch out for people who might want to keep giving you unnecessary information that doesn’t really connect with the way you feel. These pieces of information could be irrelevant to how you feel and why. Pay attention to your heart.


Renegotiating relationships may cause sorrow today. However, fixing just one won’t work. Past emotions that have created difficulties may resurface. Focus on releasing them as it will help you move on. Your bonds with everyone depends on your energy towards them. Don’t think too much, just remember that a true bond will always be there when you need them the most.


Your mind is filled with creativity, Scorpio, but there appears to be a roadblock. Something or someone doesn’t want you to continue walking the path you are on. Perhaps he or she is scared that you’re going to discover a whole new passion in life that they don’t necessarily agree with. But don’t forget that you are the boss of yourself.


Remember Sagittarius, at the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and face yourself. Think about it the next time you make a rude comment or spread a displeasing fact about someone else. Part of you may be able to understand the mistakes in your behavior, but the other side simply despises it. Take a look at both your sides today, instead of focusing on the one that pleases you.


Childhood memories could pass your mind today, some good and some bad. However, it will bring you a new understanding of how your early experiences are affecting your current situation. If something in your personal life or professional life isn’t right for you, this realization will help you move forward in life. Don’t let fear overwhelm your need for transition.


Although you are comfortable in your environment, you might receive an unmistakable signal indicating a time for a change. This could be due to the arrival of a new job which will require your skills and talents. Don’t let small but necessary tasks make you abandon a new course of action. It represents a vital stage in your personal growth.


You may face serious issues in life today, Pisces, and this may disturb your peace. Perhaps your first tendency is to confide in your partner. There is a high chance that they may contribute to the difficulties you’re now having. The best thing you can do is spend some time alone. Cherish the time instead of letting it make you mad.

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