May 2023 lunar eclipse: 4 Zodiac signs will get highly affected

The lunar eclipse will be seen in India at around 8:44 PM on May 5, 2023, and it will end at 1:01 AM on May 6. Check if your zodiac sign is affected by it

The eclipse season is one of the reasons why there is so much drama in our lives right now. If you have been feeling cosmic energy around you, either disrupting your work or elating your spirit, then you are one of the zodiac signs that has been affected by the full moon lunar eclipse that will take place on May 06, 2023.

The lunar eclipse will be seen in India at around 8:44 PM on May 5, 2023, and it will end at 1:01 AM on May 6.

In astrology, eclipses have been known to open a karmic doorway for a period of 28 days, and anything can happen during this time. If your zodiac sign is affected by this event, it could evoke a sharp and unexpected turning point in your life. If you’re already feeling the weight of change, don’t worry, the universe has a plan laid out for you.

Read further to know which four signs will be highly affected by this eclipse and what will fate unfold for you.


Seems like you have been daydreaming about someone a lot lately, Taurus This person could be someone you are already seeing, your best friend, your business partner, or even your arch-nemesis. Whoever it is, the eclipse is encouraging you to evolve in your relationship with this person. But, if the person is someone you share a toxic dynamic with, the cosmic event will prompt you to part ways with them.

If things go well, you may feel ready for further commitment. However, remember, the energy of this eclipse is not that easygoing. Instead of a major relationship change, you may find that your perspective of relationships is shifting altogether. At this point, all you need to realize is what can you do to improve the level of harmony that you share with others. You have the answer, dig deep Taurus. All the best!



Chaos and unpredictability could be following you at home, Leo. You need to outgrow your current emotions and make some space for new feelings to grow. It is because this lunar eclipse will take place at your fourth house of home, family, and domestic affairs, bringing change in your living situation or family dynamic. Whether you’re moving to a new city or welcoming a new person to the family, these changes are tied to so much pain, love, beauty, and laughter. So, let these shifts heal your childhood trauma as you lay back and watch. Whatever change comes, it will create so many new possibilities for happiness in all your fields. Basically, the universe is simply bringing you closer to the type of home you’ve always been searching for.


The moon is shining on you right now. This means when it goes into the eclipse phase, the darkness will fall on you the strongest as well. In short, the spotlight is on you, Scorpio, whether you want it or not, you cannot escape it. It is advisable to face it and admit that spark is lighting quite a fire. The lunar event will bring a lot of changes for you, starting from pushing you out of your comfort zone to forcing you to start creating waves.

Little do you know, but you have the potential to do something completely unpredictable and surprise everyone around you. Every time an eclipse takes place in your zodiac sign, it helps you to reach a personal milestone. However, the end of one chapter means the beginning of a new one. So, give yourself time to gather your tools and get ready for the next lap of your life journey.


A new beginning awaits Aquarius, it’s time to outgrow your current personal and feel ready for something new. This lunar eclipse will take place in your 10th house of career, prompting you to try new things at work. You may make an announcement that will leave your friends and followers shocked. It could be about anything; you might change career paths, accept a promotion, or leave your current job. Whatever happens, it will open doors to many new opportunities in the future. The universe is blessing you with your favourable career.

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