May 2023 horoscope: New beginnings ahead

Horoscope is all about predicting future happenings. Our stars and ruling planets have a lot to say about how the forthcoming time will be.

May is the month of lovers; when flowers bloom and couples walk in parks with their hands entwined. The planetary alignment to take place this month will affect sectors like career, love, health, family relationships, etc in every Zodiac sign.

Read further to know the complete horoscope of signs from Aries to Pisces for the month of May 2023. Know what the zodiacs have for you in the bucket.


Aries, May 2023 will mark a celebration in relation to your work. Try to get as much positive attention as you possibly can, it will help you get better job opportunities or promotions. The same goes for relationships. So try to be in everyone’s eyes. For the last few months, you have been working a lot, and it has taken a toll on your body and mind. It is time to take a break and heal.

The sun in your sign symbolizes a lot of happiness coming your way this month. Something has pushed you recently and caused you to make a change.

You are more attractive than usual this month, put the energy to good use. You will also be attracting a lot of attention in the coming period, either in profession or love. It means you could be meeting someone new, igniting an old flame, or getting new ideas to increase your financial condition.

As an Aries, you love to take action, but now is the time to lie back a little and let someone else do that for you. A friend or potential love partner could be a lot of help as they will push you a lot to grow in life.

A transformation awaits you this May; the astral energy right now is focusing on chasing away darkness from your life. So be assured that good days are ahead. If you are going through a breakup or a hard time, the suffering is coming to an end. A new beginning can be read in your zodiac; anyway, sweet results are on their way.


Past seems to be coming back in your zodiac, Taurus. But, you have a choice to pick, so try to choose the future and move on, especially in love. The Renaissance isn’t necessarily a bad thing for you, so if you are looking for a love connection, maybe go for it. Sometimes, taking a risk can bring you great results. For some of you, you could be also attracting someone new who will help you get over the past and move on. Trust your intuition.

These past events could also be related to business or financial strength. You could be worrying too much about your former mistakes in business, learn from it but don’t let it bother you. Do not overthink. Stop hesitating from taking risks, take that leap of faith.

The universe’s focus is on your heart, Taurus. A lot of healing energy will revolve around you. In short, May will be nothing less than spring for your soul.

Your intuition will be strong during this period; you will often feel like you are being guided to take the right decisions. Patience is the key, Taurus, and the time may be supportive of you in calming yourself down. Adapt the energy.


Advance happy birthday Gemini! As the days go by, expect good times to come your way. You are exploring different paths to achieve success right now- good news, new opportunities are coming your way. For some of you, new work might come from a friend, and it could be a victory for you.

Love could be on your mind this month, there are signs of someone new coming to your life.

Trust your intuition, and feelings, Gemini. It will take you a long way. Although the universe is guiding you right now, it also comes up with a lot of options. It could be confusing right now, that’s when a patient mind comes to the rescue.

There are some clouds on your sign due to the Mercury retrograde. It could put you in a serious dilemma, in matters of love. One answer- don’t rush. There is no reason to rush into a relationship or force a brief communication. See this period as a boon, as the time allows you to understand the person and see if they exceed your expectations. The person could seem a little different after the retrograde, which is better, once you are out of the phase you will have clarity in choosing the right thing for you. This is why, waiting is advisable.

Some obstacles may come in your work, Gemini; hence, it is time to make some decisions. Meanwhile, pay attention to your health. It could be nothing major, but you can never be too careful.

If a person from the past shows up, block the path before it becomes destructive for you.

You don’t need to have big giant leaps to be successful, small steps will take you a long way. In fact, working towards becoming an authority figure can turn out more beneficial for you. Take time and do your research before taking risks, especially in your career.


You are struggling to finish your projects, Cancer, try to focus on one thing at a time. When something is not working, give it up and put that effort into a different product- don’t waste time on something that is not cooperating. If it is not working now, it may come together later on. But, ignoring other important things for this is just not worth it.

Someone around you is unreliable and a liar, be aware of who you trust. It could also be someone from the past, keep your senses open for what’s coming to you from all directions.

Pisces in your house of love and relationship is likely to attract a soulmate later this month. Meanwhile, career-wise, some of you are trying to build a business, hang on the success is ahead. The astral positions bring you more focus and passion, it will push you into working hard to improve your current situation. A lot of growth, success, and happiness are on their way, open your arms to welcome them.

You feel like you are not where you should be; as if you have yet not achieved all that you wanted to. Don’t be restless, the universe is responding, and a lot of fulfillment is on the way. For those in a job, the month will be very good for you, as you will shine at work. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your talent and be in everyone’s eyes.

A Karmic cycle could be ending for you this month, it means a new beginning. So, get away from all the negativity from your past.

Whether it is in relationships, career, or health updates, you have everything you need to fulfill your wishes. So go for while this enthusiasm last.


Any dealings with real estate will be profitable at this time. Those who are looking for a career in real estate also seem to be getting success. Talking about buildings, your foundation is guided by your ruler Sun right now. This will bring you abundance and success. As a result, you will be blown with a lot of happiness this month, regardless of what happens in life.

Get as much attention as you can: if you want a raise, ask your bosses. Don’t stop at rejection, and you find ways to work hard and improve your condition. On the other hand, if you work in social media, expect some gains.

Something new is coming your way; it could be love or career, or simply a vacation. Either way, sweet results await you. Meanwhile, for those of you who are thinking of doing something new, now is the perfect time. You are attracting success as well as positive energy during this period.

Other people’s opinions could cause confusion, stop expecting everyone to understand you. Just go with the flow, the universe is building the path for you.

Until now, you have been doing everything opposite; maybe you care about what others will think of you. It is time to flip things a little, maybe start by changing your daily routine.

Mercury will be in retrograde till May 14, try not to make hasty decisions during this time. It can backfire.
For those looking for love, a new flame might enter your life later this May. It is most likely to start slow but will gear up later on. Hold on to it, and make room for some happiness. Meanwhile, be aware of people rushing into your life.


You are ready to take action over something. You are in the middle of two choices, and it is a little difficult at this point. While some of you are taking a step backward, you all will take a huge step forward in no time. Whether it is in love or career, you are basically trying to find who is right and who is wrong. You can never be too careful.

Some sort of settlement will happen, it could be a legal, insurance payout, etc. In short, if you are waiting for money, the wait will soon be over.

Mercury retrogrades from April 21 to May 14, and one of the best things to do during this time is ‘experiment.’ Don’t back out from it, you will learn either way. Dating life will be smooth; cosmic energy is protecting you from the wrong people.

Don’t be afraid of criticism, know that you are protected. Live your life, the choice is yours to make. The universe is creating new paths for you, don’t hesitate to take it. Give a little focus on your health and you are good to go.

Things are easier than it looks, so stop overthinking and go with the flow. You could have to make a sacrifice at a certain point in time, but it will be beneficial later on.


Experience life as it comes Libra. If you are looking for love, someone is soon to knock on your door. Some of you could be the ones taking the lead, go for it Libra. Meanwhile, the divine energy around you will attract a few people towards you, but don’t seal the deal with them. They may not be the right choice, so it is better you let time decide.

You might feel like going with the flow, Libra, but in reality, you are just fantasizing a lot. This month you need to take a lot of decisions, so gather your thoughts and come back to the real world.

If you have a person in your life that magically shows up in your life when you are making money, or when things start improving in your life- be aware of them. Spend less and save more right now Libra.

You have a lot of desires and it excites you and pushes you into getting out of bed every morning. Keep the flame alive, but do not forget to be logical.


‘Preparation comes to fruition,’ is your slogan for May, Scorpio. Perhaps you have been preparing yourself for something for so long, but you don’t know when to bring your learnings to success. You might be tired of all the hard work, but it is now or never Libra. The iron is hot, it is time to make your debut.

You could be receiving communication from a person, someone who is hurt or has suffered something similar to what you have. Due to this, they could be a little slow in approaching, give them time and lend your ears. You would be surprised by what level you both can connect.

Your purpose in the world is to start working on something you can enjoy. So start building your future around it.
Check before signing any legal documents or contracts. The Mercury retrograde suggests that you are open to manipulation and tricks, so do not trust everyone.

You are probably rebelling against the status quo, or trying to come out of the boring lifestyle. You have a restless energy, put it to good use. Channel the energy into something productive, maybe take charge of your creative side, or grow in business.

If you are looking for love, you are attracting a very giving and caring person. Keep your eyes open and you may find them right in front of you.


At times, you probably think about your purpose. You are adventurous, and you love dreaming about things that excite you. You are chasing fulfillment, but remember not to rush into anything. The astral positions warn you from being hasty. If someone is promising you an easy solution, make sure you take your time and research properly.

You have been working through a lot of things in your life all these years, and now is the time for you to enjoy yourself. Live to the fullest.

You have been thinking about people’s opinions of you a lot lately. Don’t give in to it, Sagittarius, you have a choice to make and it should be solely yours. Meanwhile, if you are making a choice that you are fearing would lead to criticism, don’t rush and take your time to make the perfect choice. Remember, you never have to justify a good decision. Either way, you are protected, so even if you make a wrong decision it is not like it will throw off your life. The most that will happen is it will throw you off for a little while, but in the future, you will get right back on track.

Focus on the small details and educate yourself for efficient growth.


Your talent is just waiting to be expressed through your hands; it could be your crafty side- homemade products, jewelry, etc. or it could be your talent in business or your usual job. You love putting time into what you do and keep up your quality of giving emphasis to the details. Avoid making mistakes, especially in legal matters.

For those of you going through a breakup, maybe you are trying to get away from a person who has used you. You are going through a hard time already, and it is only logical to keep yourself away from such negativity.

Other than that, your stars are bringing you victory in work. So if you are building a business, completing a project, etc. know that if you put in the effort then the success is yours.

Recognition, fame, fortune, happiness, and positive attention are on the path ahead this month. Be open to letting these energies come in.

There could be a person in your life who is an angel in disguise. However, it seems like due to some past incidents you both are not on good terms right now. It is time to forgive and move on Capricorn.

For those looking for new jobs, good opportunities will soon knock on your door. Choose wisely.

May will also bring you some new responsibilities, and although you are very good at solving your problems yourself, there is no harm in taking some help to complete the task a little faster.

Be careful of someone else’s ex, they could cause some trouble in your life. You seem to have been feeling conflicted lately, calm down and stop overthinking. Let time heal you.

You are still carrying the burdens of your past connections, be careful of holding on too much from the bygones.


Expect some windfall of money or pay raise soon, spend money wisely, and make sure both your head and heart are aligned. It could mean some sort of increase in income or inclination toward positive energy. You might have gained some enlightenment and are much more prepared for something that you have been planning for quite a long time. If so, the time is just right, so get moving.

You could be too focused on your resources right now, things you don’t actually need, and this is slowing you down. Just start from somewhere, and the rest of the things will fall into place.

You feel like there are obstacles in the way of success, but stop focusing on them, sometimes these blocks can turn out to be the good things happening for you. Eventually, you need to take risks, in order to receive the gifts that your universe is sending your way.

May also mark for celebrations; you might be attending social gatherings, parties with friends, opportunities to meet new people in life, etc.

For those looking for love, you may meet someone with whom things will get serious. You both may even end up getting married.

Central, powerful, wild, independent, and mysterious, are some of the energy that will surround you this month. Remember, you cannot always just protect your heart, you need to let it fly a little. Let the universe protect it for the time being.


Anything you do now will be very prosperous for you, Pisces. The Mercury retrograde going on right now is very generous to you. If you are working on some business, project, or have a side hustle to make some extra cash; go for it, it will be very worth it. A lot of extra money is likely to show up to you if you are open to extra hard work.

Some of you could be working on something that requires and creative or handmade skill. You are quite lucky this month, and your talent will help boost your luck. New opportunities are coming your way, it will lead you to feeling fulfil.

You are peeking through the darkness right now. You have had the worst days, and you are so done with it. Hence, you are willing it take stand for yourself now.

You are your own teacher, and only your talent can help you go through every situation. Stop underestimating yourself.

The retrograde can be bringing someone or something from the past, do not give in to that. Ignore the bygones, as much as you can.

You are much more motivated this May; channel this energy into improving yourself. Upgrade into the 2.1 version of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to socialize, you may end up meeting new people who will help you in your future endeavours.

Someone very loyal will stand by your side in thick and thins. However, you are insecure and over protected of yourself. You need to be a little more open Pisces, forgiving and moving on is the only way to love and happiness related to it.

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