Effect of ‘Sun’s transit in Gemini’ on all zodiac signs, Know yours

The Sun is all set to transit in Gemini on June 15 and will remain in this sign till July 16, this year. After blessing the sign with its presence, the sun will then move on to Cancer for its next transit.

As per the Vedic astrology, Sun resembles a sour soul and higher authority. Although the transit happens in one sign, it has its effect on every sign accordingly. Read further to know the impact of this transit on all zodiac signs.


If you work in the media and communication industry, then expect the upcoming time to be good for you. You could get a chance to travel due to work. The time advises you to pull yourself together and move on. You are likely to find yourself high on confidence. Whatever financial decision you make will have a positive long-term effect on your pocket. Fights with siblings will see a conclusion, resulting in a healthier bond.


You could find yourself arguing with your partner or one of your family members. Such unexpected turns of events are likely to happen, so proceed with caution. It is a good time to work on any lingering financial concerns or transact money. However, if you are to lend money, make sure to do it in a way that others cannot take advantage of you. But be careful not to harm people with your words, or else you might end up with strained relationships.


The time will inspire you to achieve your objectives. Think thoroughly before making any decision, and avoid taking any chances. Your aggression could have a negative impact on your relationships, especially romantic or marital ones. Try to maintain distance from personal or professional partners, and keep direct confrontations away. Stay pleasant and respectful to avoid any kind of mishaps. Take care of your health and you might want to involve a little exercise in your daily routine.


Issues in your personal life could have you distracted. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Enemies at the workplace could try to defame you, so be careful. You are likely to be opportune for a vacation with family, mostly overseas. Take complete advantage of it. Now is not the time to make any hurried investments, so take your time and think properly.


Opportunities at work are likely to knock on your door, and relationships with co-workers will see a good time. You might also be introduced to making some extra cash through different sources. If you are waiting for some ratings at the office, be assured of good news. For singles, you are likely to meet someone with whom you will grow a new romantic relationship. Be adaptable, and you will reach your objectives in no time. Try not to be too emotional and stay as stress-free as you can.


You are likely to attend quite a few social events during this period, and in fact, be accorded with a good social status. However, this could also grant an increase in your responsibilities, or promote you to a new role at work. Take advantage of all possibilities that come your way. If you are a business holder, you might want to put in more effort to execute your team properly. Your personal relationships need your attention, especially your spouse and kids. Listen to your parents while they are being supportive, you will benefit from their councel.


You are likely to get a lot of support from your family. Traveling through work could come your way, do not leave the opportunity. Spiritual studies could attract you a lot and will want to learn more about them. Libras with government jobs could expect a transfer or relocation. Parents will be supportive but avoid getting into hot water with your siblings.


There are no certain predictions for both your work and your personal life. Consider putting a lot of effort into your professional life, and avoid making contentious statements. Don’t be intimidated by the scrutiny your professional life faces during this time. Keep your distance from people and try not to share much about family or personal matters. At times you could feel a lot depressed. Do not leave the side of your spiritual self.


You will find yourself more cautious about your public image, especially as your abilities to make decision increases. This is a good time to get married. However, those already committed may experience a
Personality clash. Try not to lose your temper and stay as calm as possible. Alliances in your professional life, could prove to be of huge help in boosting your career, but strive to keep a professional demeanor. Any new collaboration could turn fruitful.


Your proactive self will be edgy and competitive. If you are trying to win over your colleagues, then be cautious. You will enjoy a good time with your loved ones if you could just complete your work in time and avoid arguing with them. Legal issues might become a priority. If you are indebted, your burden is about to lessen. Take care of your parents.


Single Aquarius are likely to start dating again. On the other hand, married couple may face difficulties in their relationship due to lack of communication. Do not shake your focus from professional possibilities, as any carelessness can have a negative effect your career. Your children’s health need your attention. Working professionals may consider looking for a different position.


The time advises you to focus on your career more than anything else. This could effect your relationships with possible conflicts. But, try to make them understand that the time is crucial and you need the support in your professional life. On not receiving the support, you might need to make a decision with a level head and intellect to prevent any setbacks. A well-thought-out career transition could pave the way for employed natives to have a bright future.

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    Cancer is repeated. Capricorn is missing

  2. Baaraka says

    So u think capricorn is not a zodiac sign?

  3. Deepa says

    Printing error
    After Sagittarius its capricorn not cancer

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