Ukraine MP claims women over 60 are being raped and hanged by Russian troops

London/Kiev: Russian forces are raping and hanging women who are unable to escape their savage invasion, Ukrainian MPs have claimed, Daily Mail reported.

Lesia Vasylenko, an MP for Ukraine’s opposition Holos party, said some women over 60 had committed suicide after being accused by Putin’s forces to stop the horrific attacks, the report said.

Other vulnerable women were unable to escape the invading troops in Kiev and its suburbs of Bucha and Irpin and have been subjected to the barbaric sex assaults, she said.

The MP, who visited the House of Commons with fellow MPs Olena Khomenko, Maria Mezentseva and Alona Shkrum, told journalists Putin had “changed his strategy to target the most vulnerable groups of women and children”.

She said, according to The Mirror: “Most of them were executed after being raped or took their own lives. The main problem is that victims and families do not have the strength or capacity to come forward.”

Mezentseva added: “The ladies who were raped and suffered sexual violence, some of them were also hanged.”

The office of the Ukraine Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights has been receiving complaints submitted by Ukrainians about sexual crimes committed by the Russian military personnel since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

Although local media reported dozens of complaints from Ukrainian women in the first days of the Kherson blockade, there are still no complaints about such crimes committed by Russians in official Ukrainian agencies.

The aggressors brag to their relatives in Russia about the instances of rape in conversations intercepted by Ukrainian defenders, the report said.

There have been multiple reports about rape committed by Russian forces in social networks since the beginning of the war, the report added.

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