Over 450 flights cancelled as Typhoon Khanun hits South Korea

Typhoon Khanum is now on its course through the peninsular region and is expected to cause heavy rainfall and strong winds in South Korea

Seoul: In recent news, about 450 flights were canceled across South Korea due to the impact of typhoon Khanun. Typhoon Khanun made landfall in the Southern coast of South Korea, today morning at 09:20 AM.

Typhoon Khanun is now on its course through the entire peninsular region. As per the Korea Meteorological Administration, it is expected to cause very heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Reportedly, a total of 2,138 flights were planned for today. 452 of which had been canceled as of 08:30 AM in the morning.

Incheon International Airport is situated 27 kilometers towards the West of Seoul. The airport reported cancellation or postponement of 145 flights of the total 1048 booked flights. Another 14 regional airports reported the cancellation of 307 flights of the 1090 scheduled ones.

As Typhoon Khanun continues to advance, the number of rescheduled or cancelled flights is expected to rise. Passengers are being given real time updates about the altered flights to ensure minimal complications in overall functioning.


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