Korean woman sexually assaulted in Hong Kong during LIVE Broadcast, watch

Reports claim the suspect is an Indian, who works at the Rajasthan Rifles Indian Restaurant

A South Korean woman was seen sexually assaulted in a recent video posted to X platform. The incident took place when the woman was in a live stream. The suspect is alleged to be an Indian man.

As seen in the video the man went closer to the woman and grabbed her arm. He then asked her to come with him. “Listen, come with me. I’m alone,” he is heard saying in the video.

The woman is seen refusing her to join him repeatedly and tried to make herself free. The situation became more dangerous for her as she walked down a stairwell at the metro station when the man tried to assault her sexually by pushing her against the wall. The woman shouted for help. She could free herself only when a passerby raised alarm.

X user Shri Krishna posted the video and wrote in the caption, “A woman’s harrowing experience in a Hong Kong subway was caught on camera as she streamed live to her followers on Twitch.

The streamer, who is Korean, was broadcasting an IRL chat stream while walking through the city, when she was approached by a man who began to proposition her, eventually grabbing her and pushing her against a wall. The streamer ran into a nearby subway statio,  but the man caught up with her, groping her in the stairwell. He only stopped when a passerby approached.”

Watch the shocking video here:

(Note: Disturbing video)

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