Goods From Mongolia Test Covid Positive; China Suspends Overseas Shopping

New Delhi: Counties and districts in China’s border city Heihe in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province have said buying products from overseas epidemic-hit regions should be suspended after goods purchased from Mongolia by residents in Erenhot city in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region tested positive for Covid-19, Global Times reported.

Five residents from Erenhot reported to the city’s epidemic prevention and control work team recently about having received goods they had bought from Mongolia that tested positive for Covid-19. This comes as the annual shopping spree on November 11 approaches. Other places have since tightened their control over goods purchased from overseas.

In order to prevent imported infections and stop the transmission chain of the virus through goods, the local epidemic prevention and control work team of Xunke county in Heihe asked the local residents to stop purchasing any goods from overseas epidemic-hit areas, the report said.

Meanwhile, the logistics and courier companies are required to seal up the goods mailed from abroad in a designated area immediately and report to the county’s epidemic prevention and control authority, the report said.

The county also encourages the public to supervise and report goods purchased from overseas epidemic-hit areas.

Aihui district in Heihe, which has two high-risk communities and 18 medium-risk communities as of Saturday, also tightened its control on goods purchased from overseas on Saturday by dissuading residents from purchasing goods from abroad, the report said.

The local epidemic prevention and control work team has asked the residents not to purchase goods from abroad if not necessary or urgent.

If they indeed need to purchase or have purchased goods from overseas, they have to report to their communities, villages or companies at once. Those who fail to report and cause transmission risks of Covid-19 or other serious consequences will be held accountable in accordance with the laws, it added.

In Inner Mongolia, the Holingol city of Inner Mongolia has asked its residents not to purchase overseas products to reduce the infection risk for logistics personnel and themselves. Consumers who purchased products from overseas via purchasing agents are advised to ask suppliers to provide nucleic acid testing results and to not purchase products if the results are not provided.

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