China’s lockdown plans for flu leave many furious

Chinese officials want to implement lockdowns in order to combat the flu, leaving many furious about returning to the strict restrictions.

London: Chinese officials want to bring in lockdowns to combat the flu, leaving many furious about the prospect of returning to the strict restrictions seen during the Covid-19 outbreak, media reported.

The city of Xi’an, in Shaanxi Province in central China, said it may enforce lockdowns ‘when necessary’ if an outbreak of the common flu virus poses a ‘severe threat’.

The emergency response plan for the city published on Wednesday is intended to combat the rising number of influenza cases in the country, as Covid-19 cases continue to fall, Daily Mail reported.

Authorities in the Chinese city have not suggested that a new set of lockdowns are imminent, but locals in the area have still dubbed the plans excessive.

China’s zero-Covid lockdown plans were implemented throughout the country during the pandemic and were seen as extreme by many.

The plan by the Xi’an local government accounts for four levels of flu outbreak. If the common virus was to reach a critically high level, lockdowns would likely be reinstated, Daily Mail reported.

During the pandemic, Chinese residents were not allowed to leave their homes. Some were not even allowed to go shopping for food or crucial supplies.

The city of Xi’an was placed under some of the strictest lockdown measures by authorities until restrictions were rapidly eased across the country in December last year following mass uproar.

Reacting to the prospect of a return to enforced lockdowns, social media users in China on Weibo said the common flu was a normal virus and did not require lockdown measures prior to Covid, Daily Mail reported.

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