How to Know IMEI Number Of Your Smartphone? Here are some Tips

New Delhi: Now-a-days, Exchange offers are available on the purchase of new smartphones of different brands which allows you to purchase a new Smartphone at a lower price in exchange of your old device. The most important thing required for exchange of your smartphone is the IMEI number, which reveals the offer available for your old Smartphone.

But many people don’t know the process to find the IMEI number of their Smartphones. So we have these quick tips for you.

What is IMEI number

First of all it is necessary to know what is an IMEI number? An IMEI number is a unique identity number assigned to your handset to track and block if it is lost or stolen. So now question comes, how to check your IMEI number.

There is a simple way to find the IMEI number in almost all devices including Android, Apple and Windows devices.

The simplest way is to use USSD codes. USSD Code means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes referred as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”. Users can find the IMEI number in any of their phones with the help of this USSD code.

Steps to Follow

-To check the IMEI Number, first go to the call section of your phone and open the keypad.
-Then type * # 06 # and dial.
-As soon as you dial the IMEI number will appear on your device screen.

Another way to find IMEI number

Apart from using this USSD code, you can find your IMEI number by another way. But the steps will vary for Android and iOS users.

Steps For iPhone Users

The iOS users can check the IMEI number on iPhone by going to Settings > General > About. Now you will see the IMEI number.

The Android users can check IMEI number on iPhone by tapping on Settings > About > Status. Here you will find the IMEI number.

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