Google’s Phone App To Detect The Nature Of Business Calls

The Phone app from Google on Android is going to make business calls run smoothly, without bothering the customers.

Very soon the customers will be able to know the purpose of the business organisation calling them.

According to the recent developments, Google is developing a feature called Verified Calls for Phone app. Through this program, Google will allow various business organisations to register and verify their identities, name and purpose for reaching out to the users.

This information of the business organisation will be saved in a dedicated server and forwarded to the particular Google Phone app user.

According to the Program, a registered business organisation calls a user. The user can see the identity, name and purpose for the call by the business organisation. The user can then receive the call or opt-out from taking the call.

Google has clarified that adds that once the call ends, it automatically deletes the phone number of the user. It also claims that all the data used during the conversation is encrypted so that it can’t be tapped.

However, this Program of Google’s Phone app is still in its early stages and Google is yet to clarify which business companies will be availing the program at the moment and how many companies have enrolled so far.

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