Google Maps tests faster live view ‘AR’

Google maps rolls out new features on its 15th anniversary last month. There are many features included in the update including faster Live View Augmented Reality ‘AR’ .The Live view AR enables walking directions through the camera of the phone. The Live View AR enables people to access maps easily without using the full feature of the maps. The people don’t even need to start full navigation for accessing the feature. A card appears at the bottom of the app and lets you start AR-guided navigation. However, this feature to Live View is labelled as a beta by Google Maps.

 How to access the Live View mode on Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Search the desired location and then click new Live View Tab
  3. The Camera app is launched and shows the direction of the place from your present location
  4. An arrow prompts user to move their phone towards the destination
  5. When the destination is reached a red floating pin is seen.
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