Through Aadhaar Address Validation, You Can Update Address Without Address Proof, Learn How

Aadhaar card is one of the most important documents. Aadhaar is required to take advantage of government schemes from the admission of the child to the school. Aadhaar is a card to prove the identity of a citizen. In this case, it is important to always have the correct information entered in Aadhaar. That is, in Aadhaar, users should always keep the latest information such as mobile number and address updated.

Often people start moving from one city to another for jobs or for some other reason, but during this time they are in confusion about how to update the address in Aadhaar due to no address proof.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an Aadhaar card information organization, allows users to change their address through an Aadhar validation letter (Aadhar validation letter) without an address proof. This work can be done with the help of ‘Aadhaar Verifier’. Your family members, friends, relatives, landlords can verify your address proof.

For this, the mobile number of the resident and the address verifier should be linked with Aadhaar. An OTP is sent to both. The person verifying this address updates the address of the person with its help.

Open UIDAI website

Now tap ‘Address Validation Letter’ in the menu of ‘My Aadhaar’

As soon as the ‘Request for Address Validation Letter’ option opens, you enter your Aadhaar number of 12 numbers or Virtual ID of 16 digits.

  1. Send it to OTP
  2. Now enter the OTP number of 6 or 8 digits
  3. Now do the details of the person who verified and its Aadhaar number rates.
  4. The person who verifies will get an SMS, which has to be given consent through mobile.
  5. After verification, you will get a service request number via SMS.
  6. Now log in via service request number
  7. Check the address once again and submit
  8. You get an Address Validation Letter with a secret code, which is sent via post to the verifier.
  9. In the last step, you have to click on the SSUP (UIDAI) website. Here you have to click on the link of ‘Proceed to Update Address’.
  10. After that log in with Aadhaar. After this, update your address through secret code and consolidate it.
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