The Times of COVID-19 lockdown: How Bhubaneswar Stands now

Bhubaneswar: As India locks down for 21 days, the residents of the city are finding it hard to cope up with the situation. Many among the city dwellers had thought that the lockdown will only last till March 29 as suggested by CM Naveen Patnaik, but it didn’t. While most of the people can be seen abiding by the lockdown rules issued by the state government, there are few who do not pay any heed to it. The grocery stores, meat shops and the vegetable markets across the city could been seen crowded.

How does the  city look like during a Lockdown

  • Even though govt officials, ministers and celebrities have advised people on coronavirus awareness, many people in the public places can be seen without masks. Social distancing is seen to be avoided at many places.
  • The  Commissionerate Police can be seen  behind barricades at various places. Proper checks on vehicle riders can be seen at various points of the city. The  riders who do not have reason to be outside are advised to stay back.
  • The essential food items like onions and potatoes have not seen any hike in prices as their stocks are available in abundance.The godowns across the city have asked people to avoid panic situation and not buy  food in excess quantity. The government has revealed clearly that excess pricing of essential commodities, can lead to extreme steps against the seller.

It is  well said that, One ‘s safety is at his own hands. If the people of  Bhubaneswar use their senses and follow precautions they can stay safe from Coronavirus.


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  1. Debabrata Mohanty says

    Prices of onion and potatoes have gone up alarmingly. Other essential comorbidities prices on the rise. Please report from grassroots level.

  2. Shalini says

    Truck, auto, car and others why orissa government not take any action…. Trucks are running full time.
    Why Bhubaneswar police are not serious and stop them…. Ppl are still jogging, walking on the road.

  3. Alok Prakash says

    Govt should take necessary step against high grocery price…!!!

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