Shocking! Narrow escape for Class IV student as he comes under wheels of bus #Watch

Nuapada: The accident surely could be fatal if the bus would have run over the Class IV student. Thank God, the driver put sudden break and saved life of the kid. The shocking incident took place in Nuapada district of Odisha. Video of the incident, which could surely be turned to an accident, was caged in a CCTV, went viral after getting uploaded on social media.

As the video suggests, a couple of students were travelling on their respective bicycles in Sinapali of the district. In front of Agrasen Bhawan somehow the kid lost control over his handle and came under the wheels of a speeding bus.

The kid has been identified as Khyanasunder Masra of Kapsi village. He is a student of the Saraswati Sishu Mandir of Sinapali.

However, the bus driver put sudden break and only the bicycle of the student came under the wheels of the bus. Luckily, the student came out unhurt. Of course, the bicycle got ruined in the accident but the kid was saved.

The happening had been caged in the CCTV of a nearby shop which later was uploaded to social media and went viral.

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