You are my love and I cannot live without you, please come back: Man pleads wife who ran away with someone else

Bhadrak: In a shocking incident, a man was seen requesting his wife to return back to the house after she ran away with someone else soon after writing her +3 examinations in Odisha’s Bhadrak district.

One Rahul Gachhayat of Dhusuri area of the district was loving a girl named Haripriya Panda of Brahmanipali for the last two years. They eloped without informing their family members some months ago. Sometime later, the family members brought them home after solemnizing their marriage at a temple in Puri.

After Rahul and Haripriya lived happily for about six months, the latter was adamant to do her graduation. Later, she took admission in +3 Arts at Akhandalamani College.

As per the schedule, Rahul dropped Haripriya at the college for the exam on Tuesday. When the exam concluded, he went to receive her. Shockingly, instead of going with Rahul, Haripriya sat in a white car and fled the spot.

Rahul tried to chase them but he could not after going some distance. He then informed his family members about the matter after reaching the home. Later, they filed a complaint at Dhusuri Police Station. Based on the complaint, cops started an investigation into the matter.

On the other hand, Rahul was seen holding Haripriya’s photo and urging her to return back to the house. “You are my love and I cannot live without you. Please come back,” he cried.

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