Odisha govt announces packages for drought-affected people; Know details

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government on Thursday announced packages for the drought-affected people of the state.

Earlier on November 1, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had declared drought for Kharif-2018. Based on the reports from the district Collectors through the Director, Agriculture & Food Production, Patnaik had announced that 9 districts – Bargarh, Balangir, Deogarh, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Sambalpur and Sudargarh – have been adversely affected due to the drought.

However, today the CM declared the package for the affected people and simultaneously ordered the concerned departments for immediate steps.

Here are the details of the packages:

Agriculture Sector:

1: Agriculture input subsidy will be provided to the small and marginal farmers who have sustained crop loss of 33% and above @Rs 6,800/- per hectare of land in rainfed/non irrigated areas, Rs 13,500/- per hectare of land in areas under assured irrigation, and Rs18,000/- per hectare for all types of perennial crops. Agriculture input subsidy will also be provided to farmers other than small and marginal farmers at the same rates subject to a ceiling of two hectares per farmer. The assistance shall be provided to the actual cultivators.

2: Agricultural input subsidy to any affected farmer shall not be less than Rs 2,000/- for perennial crops and Rs 1,000/- for other crops.

3: One lakh no. of pulse minikits, 30,000 oilseed minikits, and 20,000 vegetable minikits shall be supplied to the affected farmers during Rabi 2018-19.

4: 3,000 nos. of pump sets shall be provided with 50% subsidy limited to a maximum of Rs 15,000/-.

5: 1,000 nos. of Solar pump sets (0.5 HP) will be made available to affected farmers @ 90% subsidy limited to Rs 54,000/- per pump set under Saura Jalanidhi.

6: 3,000 Sprayers will be made available to the affected farmers at a subsidy of 50% limited to maximum of Rs 3,800/- per sprayer for battery operated sprayers and Rs 600/- per sprayer for hand operated sprayers.

7: Immediate steps will be taken to arrange and distribute quality seeds in sufficient quantity for alternate cropping in Rabi season.

8: Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation shall take immediate steps to repair the Lift Irrigation (LI) points in all the affected villages on priority. Steps shall be taken to operate all LI points during Rabi season. Energy Department shall energize the LI points immediately.

9: Steps shall be taken to energize all the pending Deep Bore Wellls in the affected villages on priority.

Farm Credit:

10: Short Term Kharif loans advanced in the affected areas during Kharif 2018 having crop loss of 33% and above shall be converted into Medium Term (Conversion) Loan.

11: Due date of Kharif Short Term loans advanced in the affected areas shall be extended up to September 30th, 2019 to facilitate the conversion of such loans into Medium Term (Conversion) Loans.

12: Government of India will be requested to provide interest incentive of 3% for Medium Term (Conversion) Loans i.e. at par with crop loans for prompt paying farmers.

13: Farmers affected by drought in Kharif shall be provided fresh finance for Rabi cultivation during the current Rabi season, which has commenced from 01.10.2018.

14: Expeditious steps will be taken to organize Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) by covering the maximum number of sharecroppers / oral lessees to provide them credit during the current Rabi season in the drought-affected areas.

15: Expeditious steps will be taken to conduct crop cutting experiments to settle the claims of the affected insured farmers under the crop insurance scheme, PMFBY, with risks of localized calamity and mid-season adversity.

Animal Resources Development Sector:

16: 20,000 numbers of landless, marginal and small farmers in the drought-affected GPs will be provided livelihood support in terms of backyard poultry. At the same time, intensive fodder cultivation will be taken up in these GPs through distribution of suitable fodder kits.

Wage Employment:

17: Works will be taken up under MGNREGA by the Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department to establish water harvesting structures / de-silting of field channels, diversion weirs etc. Additional 50 mandays will be provided under MGNREGA.

Land Revenue and Enforcement:

18: 100 percent remission in respect of cess on land revenue and compulsory basic water rate will be given to farmers where the crop loss is 33% or more.

19: District administration shall keep close watch on money lenders and other unscrupulous elements causing financial hardship to the farmers and Police will initiate tough action against such elements under the Odisha Money Lenders Act and various sections of the IPC. The SPs will have the responsibility to proactively deal with this. DIGs will review the matter.


20: Tuition fees and examination fees in Government and aided schools and colleges in drought-affected areas shall be waived.

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