KISS Tribal Univ Post Graduate student Ghana Jani of Koraput provides free education

Koraput: Being inspired by the work of educationist and Founder of KISS and KIIT, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, a student of KISS Tribal University has turned Good Samaritan. During lock down he is providing free education to poor tribal children.

Meet Ghana Jani, a student of the Post Graduate Department of English at the KISS Tribal University, Bhubaneswar. Since lock down was imposed in the state he has been providing free education to poor students. He is from Kapsiput village in Laxmipur block of Koraput district in Odisha.

In these days lock down has been imposed in the state and schools have been closed. In the meanwhile many schools have started online classes. However, some government schools of the tribal dominated Koraput district are yet to start the same. Again, even if online classes starts how much the class I students of Koraput district can cope up with this advanced technology trend. The answer to all these problems came from Ghana Jani. He started providing free education to the students.

About 25 primary students are getting educated by Ghana Jani. Once they arrive at the training centre they are asked to stand in a queue and they wash hands with sanitizer one by one. Even in the class social distancing norms are followed.

Nadini Jani one of the students said that she wants to become a doctor. For the noble work of Ghana he has been epithet as the ‘Mauda Mani’ of Kapsiput village.

It is to be noted that Ghana was highly inspired by the work of Dr. Achyuta Samanta after talking to him. At Dr. Samanta’s founded KISS 27 thousand tribal students get free food, free education etc. And many students of the institute have so far earned name and fame in internal arena in different spheres.

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