Drunken youth falls from over bridge while performing stunt

Balangir: Drunken youth from Titilagarh falls from an over bridge today in Odisha.

According to the reports, the drunken youth was performing stunt on the over bridge, the bridge runs through Titilagarh city’s police station square to the college road.

While performing stunts the drunken youth fell on a train.

After hanging from the bridge for several minutes the youth fell and merely escaped death, after the fall.

People who were present at the spot have recorded the whole incident with their mobile phones.

He was critically injured after the fall, and was rushed to the Titilagrah hospital by the people.

According to the reports, the name of the youth is Cheru Podha from Hatapada pada of Titilagarh.

According to her old mother, Cheru is a cycle mechanic by profession and he comes home daily in an intoxicated state. But today, while he arrived at home in an intoxicated manner he had an argument with the family members and later he consumed more alcohol.

Which later resulted in his fall from the bridge to the train, added the family members.

Cheru has sustained deep injury on his head and injured several body parts as-well and admitted at Titilagrah’s head quarter hospital.

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