Deprived of getting 2-months’ hard-earned money, stranded Odia migrant workers seek govt help to return home

Khurda: With the aim to earn some money to get food and meet their basic needs, a group of workers from Tangi area in Odisha’s Khurda district had gone to Chennai to work as migrant workers by leaving everything including their much-loved family members. However, there they allegedly had to work tirelessly without getting their hard-earned money for the last two months.

One Jagannath Das, who works as a contractor in Chennai, had reportedly taken as many as 17 people, 14 from Haripur village and 3 from Chhatarapur village of the district, by assuring them to provide works under his supervision.

Jagannath engaged them at work during the month of July and August. However, he is allegedly yet to pay them their due hard-earned money. While each labourer is slated to get Rs 12,000, each mason is to get Rs 20,000. Every time they approach Jagannath for their due money, he allegedly gives them a new date. This apart, he is not allegedly making proper arrangements for their food.

Now, after not finding any solace, the migrant labourers have appealed to the Odisha government and Khurda district administration to rescue them and help them to get their hard-earned money and return back to their villages.

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