Abadha of Puri Srimandira available for outsiders as restrictions lifted

Puri: Puri Abadha, the famous offering of Lord Jagannath in Srimandira of Puri in Odisha is once again available  for outsiders as the restrictions were lifted on Tuesday. Keeping in view the crowd amid Coronavirus pandemic, sale of Mahaprasad for outsiders had been temporarily stopped for outsiders from September 7.

As per reports, the offering of the famous Lord Jagannath temple in Puri of Odisha was available so far only for devotees of Puri and families of the servitors as restrictions had been imposed on September 7. However, keeping in view the holy month of Kartika, it was decided today that the famous offering will be now available for devotees from other cities as it was prevalent earlier.

After sale of Abadha stopped for outsiders, devotees were anxiously waiting for the day when the restrictions will be lifted and they will get abadha again. In view of the holy Kartika month, when many devotees including Habisyalis long for Abadha, the Suara Mahasuara Nijog secretary Krushnachandra Pratihari discussed the matter with the temple administrator.

Pratihari intimated that now Abadha will be available at Uttaradwara (North Gate) and Dakhinadwara (South Gate) of Srimandira for outside devotees where devotees can get Mahaprasad abiding all the Corona restrictions.

It is to be noted that the famous Lord Jagannath temple of Puri is closed for public darshan since March 20 in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic.

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