52 arrested after bloody group clash in Cuttack

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Group clash in CuttackCuttack: Police arrested 52 persons and conducted a flag march in the city today afternoon after over 15 persons sustained injuries and seven vehicles got damaged in a group clash between residents of Naik Sahi and Sarvodayapur earlier in the day.

According to sources, the trouble started after some local youths passed lewd comments to a girl near Khannagar flower vending area at around 11.30 am today. As the news spread in the locality, separate groups from Naik Sahi and Sarvodayapur took to the streets later and fought a pitched battle. The attackers damaged seven vehicles, including one Jeep, three auto-rickshaws and three bikes.

When Badambadi and Purighat Police reached the spot and tried to bring the situation under control, the attackers did not spare them either and targeted the cops with bottles. At least seven policemen, including Badambadi IIC Biranchi Pati and Purighat IIC Tapas Pradhan, sustained injuries in the attack. Police later arrested 52 persons from both the sides in a bid to check the violence.

A resident of Sarvodayapur, however, held some local groups responsible for today’s incident. He said there was a dispute between two groups from Sarvodayapur and Naik Sahi over collection of extortion money from flower vendors at Khannagar, which boiled over and took the shape of a bloody battle after the harassment of the girl today.

Informing about the situation in the area, twin-city Police Commissioner YB Khurania claimed that the situation is under control now. A flag march has been conducted and four platoons of force have been deployed at the spot, he said.

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