India-Pakistan ICC World Cup tickets resold online for Rs 19,51,580 each

The tickets for India and Pakistan's ICC World Cup 2023 are resold on an online platform Viagogo for a staggering Rs 19,51,580 each. 

In a highly anticipated showdown between cricket giants India and Pakistan at the ICC World Cup 2023, fans from across the globe have displayed overwhelming enthusiasm. When tickets went on sale, they were rapidly sold out within minutes on and are resold on an online platform for a staggering Rs 19,51,580 each, with shipping and home delivery extra. These tickets are available on a global online platform called Viagogo.

When tickets first went on sale on, cricket enthusiasts encountered waiting lines that stretched for over six hours. Astonishingly, the tickets for the India-Pakistan match were sold out within a matter of minutes.

Viagogo, in contrast to the official ticketing partner, still has over 100 tickets available for the India-Pakistan match. The prices on Viagogo have been fluctuating based on availability, making it difficult for fans to predict what they might have to pay.

The situation takes an intriguing twist when comparing ticket prices for this marquee clash to other matches in the tournament. For instance, the prices for South Premium West Bay tickets for the England vs. New Zealand match at the Narendra Modi Stadium on October 5 are a mere Rs 6,000. Surprisingly, even cheaper options are available at Rs 1,000, Rs 1,500, Rs 2,000, and Rs 3,000.

On Viagogo, however, ticket prices for the India-Pakistan match at the same venue range from a whopping Rs 66,000 to well over Rs 19,00,000.

Tickets for the India vs. England match in Lucknow start at a staggering Rs 2,34,632. Meanwhile, for the India vs. Afghanistan match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, the starting price for one of the cheaper seats in the East Stand is Rs 38,877. Prices can soar as high as Rs 2,34,622 for “Section: Category A.”

Even for the India vs. Australia match in Chennai, ticket prices begin at Rs 31,340 and go up to an eye-watering Rs 9,31,295.

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