Stork swallows mice alive, watch shocking video

In a recent video a stork was seen swallowing a mice while the prey is still alive. In the video we can also see the movement of the mice inside the throat of the stork. The shocking video has gone viral on social media.

Shared by user natureismetal to Instagram today only the post has so far garnered more than 25k likes merely within 16 hours. The caption of the post reads, “After a long night of delivering babies, this stork needs to eat…”

We can see in the video that the stork first picks the mice from the ground using its long beak. Then like an expert it pushes the prey towards its mouth in one or two jerks and then a final throw makes the mice to land right inside the throat of the long naked bird.

The point to be noted here is that the mice was swallowed while it was still alive. Shockingly, we can see the movement of the mice, the prey inside the throat of the bird.

The shocking video has also earned a number of comments. Here are some of the interesting comments.

“What does the mouse die from? Suffocating or Bird Stomach acid?”

“How long until the rodent is dead in her stomach?”

“Its crazy how essential mice are to the bottom tier of a food chain. So many animals eat them.”

“The horror of still being alive in the stomach”

“Why does the bird have tagged legs?”

“Bird is on house arrest”

“Fact: Storks do not deliver babies ok don’t believe the rumors. It is NOT TRUE per my wife. I was blindsided in that labor room,”

“I can’t deny the amazing control leading to the toss up and the fantastic catch. 10/10 on all judges score cards.”

“In sure the stork is just keeping him safe until the stork can deliver him to the new parents.”

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