Leopard attacked by baboons, watch bone-chilling video

How yall know it was 50 ??, asked an user in the comment box

A video is making the rounds in which a leopard was seen attacked by a herd of baboons. The bone chilling video has gone viral after being uploaded to Instagram.

In the video we can see that a leopard is moving ahead hiding itself in the tall grasses by the side of the road. After a few seconds it suddenly comes out of the grass onto the road and attacks a group of baboons. The fight continues for a few seconds and the animals then move out of the road. Meanwhile traffic came to a standstill to witness the fight.

Uploaded to Instagram by user Latestkruger last month the video has so far earned a huge 100,936 likes. The caption of the video reads, “Leopard gets beaten up by 50 baboons.” The bone-chilling video has earned a number of comments. Here are some of the interesting comments.

Where’s the zookeeper?!

why are they just recording instead of helping?

Someone forgot to finish Jumanji gotta finish the damn GAME! Lmao

Great job by our hominid ancestors

What can I say, we don’t die we multiply

How yall know it was 50 ??

Watch the video here:

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