Sanitation Staff Of Capital Hospital In Bhubaneswar Protest Against Director

Bhubaneswar: Cleaning staff of Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar staged a protest and gheraoed the office of newly appointed director. The reason for the protest is alleged misbehaviour meted out to them on a regular basis by the director.

The staff said not only does the director misbehave he also hurls abuses at them and cuts off their salary.

The sanitation workers have demanded an incentive of Rs 10,000 which has been provided by the government and which they are yet to receive.

Speaking on the matter, the Director of Capital Hospital L.D Sahu told that ongoing discussion about the demands of the workers is underway. He assured that the workers will be provided with the incentives by the Government very soon.

According to sources, Capital Hospital has outsourced more than 130 sanitation workers for cleaning purposes. However, Sahu is not quite happy about the cleaning work done by the workers and have asked them to properly carry out their job.


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