Odisha: Drunken men create frenzy in Bhubaneswar, 3 injured

The attackers started attacking random people in the club in Bhubaneswar's Sisupalgarh. They were armed with swords and other weapons.

Bhubaneswar: In a recent incident, two groups of people got involved in a massive fight. The incident unfolded at Sisupalgarh in Bhubaneswar. As many as three people were gravely injured in the incident.

The reason behind the group clash in Bhubaneswar is said to have been previous enmity. The agitation caused a road block on the Bhubaneswar-Puri road.

The incident took place around 9:30 pm last night. Reportedly, two drunken men attacked a man near the Patitapaban Club. They also started attacking random people in the club. The attackers were armed with knives, swords, and other weapons.

People immediately informed the Dhauli police about the incident, requesting to arrest the attackers. Authorities from the police station reached the spot and tried to manage the situation.

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