Deva Diwali And Pitrupaksh To Start In Jagannath Temple Today

Puri: ‘Deva Diwali’ that is Diwali of the Gods is scheduled to start in the world-famous Jagannath temple in Puri of Odisha today.

The rituals are started on the ‘Chaturdasi’ day in the holy month of ‘Margasira’, according to the Odia Hindu calendar.

The deva diwali rituals will continue for three days namely: Chaturdasi, Amabasya and Paratipada.

On this occasion, Lord Jagannath and his siblings offer prayers to their ancestors, ‘Pitrupaksha’ The Lord and his siblings will adorn white clothes on the occasion.

The devotees will also be able to see Lord Jagannath in this form. After the ‘shradh’ (prayers to their ancestors) maha diya (earthen lamp) will be raised atop the temple.

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