Bhubaneswar DCP turns Good Samaritan, helps 2 blind men cross busy street

Bhubaneswar: In an inspiring incident, Bhubaneswar DCP on Tuesday helped 2 blind persons cross a busy street in the Capital City. Following the incident the onlookers were all praise for him.

As per reports, Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Das was going to office accompanied by his PSO. When his vehicle was crossing Ram Mandir chowk, Das observed that two blind persons were waiting to cross the busy street while there was nobody else to help them.

The DCP stopped his vehicle and asked his PSO to get down and help the two blind persons to cross the road. While he was waiting with patience, other commuters also stopped their vehicle.

The people on the spot were all praise for the noble work of the senior Police personnel.

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