Apart from cold, cough, fever, new coronavirus symptoms are found; know more here

Coronavirus and its symptoms are getting dangerous each passing day. It is changing its forms every day. Besides, it is changing its symptoms. Earlier, the corona patients used to witness symptoms like high body temperature, difficulties for breathing, cough and cold. However, now new symptoms are found among the corona patients.

Earlier, coronavirus used to attack the chest but now it is attacking belly due to which the patients develop several symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting and headache. Doctors at Chest and King Koti hospitals in Hyderabad have reportedly confirmed that that the new symptoms – severe diarrhea, headache and vomiting – are delaying the process of diagnosis and treatment. Besides, the news symptoms are causing massive confusion for treatment.

According to reports sometimes it is not known whether it is the coronavirus or a normal disease. Some doctors even have reportedly said that the novel coronavirus is changing its genomic structure according to the season to ensure its survival. The virus is not attacking the lungs alone but it is also attacking the belly now due to which the patients develop symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and headache.

Doctors say that some people consider stomach ache as normal case due to which they fall prey to coronavirus. The medicos also warned that coronavirus may further change its forms and symptoms in the future.

NB: This article has been written only to inform the readers about the new symptoms of coronavirus. We request people not to get panic over it rather take doctors’ help if they have any COVID19 symptoms.

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