Woman Cop Of Gujarat Resigns After Threats From BJP MLA’s Son

Bhubaneswar: In Surat, Gujarat the controversy over a late night argument between a woman constable and a deputy minister’s son is being much discussed on social media.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when Sunita Yadav, a constable with the Gujarat police force, stopped Prakash Kanani and his friends as they were roaming past 10 pm.

It is noteworthy that Gujarat has enforced curfew from 10 pm till the wee hours of the next day to restrict the movement of people in the times of Covid-19.

The incident came to the notice of Surat Police Commissioner (R B Brahmbhatt) and he has asked ACP (A-Division) CK Patel to conduct inquiry, he asked action will be taken based on the inquiry report.

While Sunita has gone on sick leave, pending inquiry, support for her is pouring in on social media with many hashtags like #i_support_sunita_yadav, #isupportsunitayadav and #Sunita.Yadav trending.


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  1. Mahendra says

    The guy should be caned naked

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