UP cop travels in Vande Bharat Express without ticket, Video of being engaged in verbal spat with TTE goes viral

The video of an UP cop engaged in a heated argument with a TTE after being caught traveling without a valid train ticket is going viral.

Lucknow: In a recent incident captured on video and widely circulated on social media, an Uttar Pradesh Police officer was recorded engaging in a heated confrontation with a Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) after being caught traveling without a valid train ticket.

The incident has raised concerns about some law enforcement officials disregarding travel regulations and availing railway facilities without paying.

The video, posted by the account “Ghar Ke Kalesh,” showcased a tense exchange between the police officer and the TTE. It became evident that the police officer did not possess a valid ticket, attempting to justify his actions by claiming to have missed his intended train.

Despite his pleas for forgiveness, the TTE expressed frustration and reprimanded the officer. A voice in the video suggested the officer’s removal from the train.

Social media users voiced their discontent, highlighting the issue of police officers evading ticket fares not only on trains but also in other public transport. They emphasized that such behavior contradicts the role of law enforcement in upholding the country’s laws and regulations, sparking a discussion about the need for greater adherence to rules and norms.

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One user commented, “If this happens with a local person for a traffic challan, will a Police Officer let them go without paying it?” Another noted, “Most of the police officers don’t even pay for tickets even in an auto; they travel without paying.” The incident has prompted a larger conversation about the importance of ensuring equal treatment under the law, regardless of one’s profession.

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