Praying for PM Modi’s 3rd term, man offers chopped-off finger as sacrifice to Goddess Kali

Bengaluru: A man in Karnataka, said to be an ardent fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, chopped off the forefinger of his left hand and offered it to Goddess Kali as a sacrifice while praying for the third term of PM Modi.

This unconventional episode came to light on Saturday. It happened in the Sonarwada area of Karwar city, and the dedicated follower of PM Modi has been identified as Arun Varnekar.

Varnekar has even built a temple of PM Modi at his residence and regularly performs a “special pooja”.

After cutting his finger, he wrote with blood on the walls of his house “Maa Kali Mata, Modi baba ka raksha karo”, which translates as “O Goddesses Kali, please protect PM, Modi”.

He had also written on the wall that “Modi Baba” will become Prime Minister for the third time. “Modi baba sabse mahan” was also noticed written on the wall.

Talking to the media, Arun Varnekar said only after PM Modi came to power at the Centre, “troubles due to China and Pakistan have ended”.

“The news of terrorist activities and death of soldiers used to emerge from Kashmir earlier, but now the region is peaceful. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is needed yet again for the development of the nation,” he said.

Arun Varnekar earlier used to work in the Mumbai film industry.

Currently, he lives in Karwar city and looks after his aged mother. He is unmarried.

Previously, during the 2019 general election, he had attempted to cut off his finger but could not do that for some reason.

This time, however, he managed to chop off his finger.

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