Nirmala Sitharaman in war of words with Rahul Gandhi over HAL contracts

New Delhi: Rafale Deal maintained its dominance in daily Lok Sabha proceedings. Matters intensified when Rahul Gandhi charged Nirmala Sitharaman with hiding status of government contracts given Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi Monday attacked BJP by saying that the government is “undermining” Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) and pushing it to a financial crisis. Addressing reporters outside Parliament, Gandhi said, “The strategy of the government is to weaken HAL, do not give it money and destroy India’s strategic capability and give a gift to Anil Ambani.”

War of Tweets

Getting a notch higher on his attacks that the PM is scared of his questions and hence not facing him in the Lok Sabha. “Just give me 15 minutes with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I’ll prove it. Iss chowkidar ne hi chori ki hai. Nirmala Sitharaman has lied in the Parliament. She is more like Modi’s spokesperson. Nobody answered me when I asked why nobody seemed to have any problem with PM Modi’s interference”, he added.

This is tweet:

Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had her barbed reply ready. She tweeted “It’s a shame that the president of @INCIndia is spreading lies and misleading the country. HAL has signed contracts worth 26570.8Cr (Between 2014 & 2018) and contracts worth 73000Cr are in the pipeline. Will @RahulGandhi apologise to the country from the floor of the house and resign?”      

Later in the Sabha she made statements  that contracts worth over Rs. 26,000 crore have been signed, another Rs. 73,000 crore are in the pipeline.

These are her tweets:

Referring to the report on HAL’s financial distress, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted: “When you tell one lie, you need to keep spinning out more lies, to cover up the first one. In her eagerness to defend the PM’s Rafale lie, the RM lied to Parliament. Tomorrow, RM (defence minister) must place before Parliament documents showing 1 Lakh crore of Govt orders to HAL.”

Ms Sitharaman retorted that Mr Gandhi should “start from ABCs” and “read the full report” before commenting on it.

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