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Newly married couple cast vote on their marriage day in Jammu and Kashmir

Kathua: Voters’ faith in democracy and their will to exercise franchise was witnessed on Friday during the poll process in Kathua where a couple cast their vote on the day of their marriage.

Voters lined up at the polling station in a queue in ward-9 of Kathua town were pleasantly surprised when they saw Aseem Mangotra and wife Vaishali in wedding dress turn up at the polling station.

Lined-up voters made way for the couple to enter the polling station first realising the trust and faith the couple was showing in the country’s democracy.

After casting their votes, Aseem and Vaishali proudly displayed their fingers with indelible inkmark.

The couple said just after all the necessary rituals were completed, they lost no time to come and exercise their franchise.

“The day is auspicious for us. We have joined each other in wedlock and also in expressing our faith in democracy,” Aseem Mangotra said.

Till 12 noon 22.60 per cent voting was recorded in Kathua-Udhampur constituency during the first 4 hours since voting started at 7 am.

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