Baba Ramdev Apologises For Remarks On Allopathy Medicines

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has apologised and withdrew his controversial remarks against allopathy medicines after Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sent him a letter.

Health Min Vardhan called Ramdev’s statement on allopathic medicines extremely unfortunate and added that the healthcare workers did a fabulous job fighting against Covid-19 following which in the letter, Vardhan asked Ramdev to withdraw his statement on allopathy.

In the letter, Ramdev mentioned that he is not opposed to modern medical science and allopathy. In fact, they believe that allopathy has made a lot of progress in the life saving system and the science of surgery that has served humanity.

Further, Ramdev adds that the errors in any medical system should not be taken as an attack on that method and that he is is not at all opposed to science.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) had sent a notice to Ramdev over his alleged statements against allopathy and defaming scientific medicine.

The way yoga guru Ramdev withdrew his statements against allopathic medicine and halted the controversy over the issue is laudable and shows his maturity, said Union Health Minister on Sunday.

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