Air quality in Noida and Delhi continue to deteriorate

The air quality of Delhi and Noida continue to deteriorate, with the latest reports showing alarming levels of pollution.

New Delhi: The air quality in Noida continues to deteriorate, with the latest reports showing alarming levels of pollution. As of today, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in various sectors of Noida is a cause for concern:

  • Sector 125: AQI at 400 (very poor)
  • Sector 62: AQI at 483 (Severe)
  • Sector 1: AQI at 413 (Severe)
  • Sector 116: AQI at 415 (Severe)

This AQI levels indicate a severe health risk for the resident of Noida, as the city grapples with hazardous air quality.

In Delhi, the air quality deteriorates to “Severe” category as per Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The overall AQI in Delhi reached on Friday, with specific observations as follows:

  • Lodhi Road: AQI at 438
  • Jahangirpuri: AQI at 491
  • RK Puram: AQI at 486
  • IGI Airport (T3) area: AQI at 437

To mitigate dust and particulate matter emissions, the government has imposed a ban on non-essential construction activities. This step aims to reduce the release of construction-related pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Delhi government has prohibited the use of vehicles running on BS-3 petrol and BS-4 diesel in the aforementioned regions. This measure seeks to limit vehicular emissions, which are a significant contributor to air pollution in the NCR.

These measures come as a response to the dire need to improve air quality and protect the health of residents in the affected regions. The severe air quality conditions have raised concerns about the potential health risks, particularly for vulnerable groups.

The situation in the Delhi NCR calls for immediate action, as the AQI continues to hover in the ‘severe’ category. The government’s decision to restrict non-essential construction activities and certain vehicle types underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination to combat air pollution.

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