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WhatsApp Is Offering Two Amazing Features To Manage Your Chats; Learn And Enjoy


Now WhatsApp has taken an important place in the lives of all of us. All the work from family to office is being done on WhatsApp itself. But often, this WhatsApp becomes a problem for you because it has also become a medium to interfere in your personal life. Let us tell you today two very important features that can save you from unnecessary problems.

How to avoid Last Seen:

Most people on WhatsApp also bother you by seeing Last Seen. Actually, as soon as you close the app after using WhatsApp, other people easily see this time. In such a situation, on which non-urgent messages have to be repaired. But now you can easily remove your last scene. For this, go to Settings and go to Account Options and tap on Privacy. Now go to Last Seen here and choose the option according to your choice.

Take care of important messages like this:

You get a lot of messages every day. But there are some messages between them that need to be taken care of. These messages are also important. Now, even among thousands of chats, important chats can be handled. For this, you can starred such important messages. Whenever you want to see these messages, you can easily click on Starred chats.


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