Understanding Alcoholism (BORG): Experts take on its Dangers and Rising Trend

Have you ever heard the name BROG ? If you ever heard then you are definitely not a college going student! Because this name is especially known among college students nowadays. Then you also haven’t attended any young bachelor parties recently. Wondering what to know about something hugely important? It’s really important to know but not healthy at all !

Then how is it? BROG, short for Blackout Rage Gallon, has gained raging popularly among young college students in the US. A homemade cocktail, made typically in a gallon jug, Borg is known for its high alcohol content and is typically consumed from the gallon jug itself.

According The National capital Poison Center is worried that, Borg drinking is popular among some college students, but consumption of the high amounts of alcohol often found in borgs can cause harmful health effects, similar to those resulting from heavy alcohol use or binge drinking.

While young people have embraced the trend with open arms, experts are warming about the dangers Borg. Which is includes potentially life-threatening consumption and alcohol poisoning! A new CNN report by Florida-based freelance journalist explains the potential  pitfalls of Borg drinking, citing experts in the field. It outlines a cautionary tale in the background of the growing popularity of the trend, especially among high school students in the US.

Experts have flagged Borg as dangerous because of the excessively high alcohol content in it. The drink is made using water, a fifth of vodka equivalent of around 16 drinks, a flavoured drink mix and sometimes electrolyte mixes, it is usually consumed in high school parties, where students make their own Borg in gallon jug and give it creative nicknames.

Citing high school students who have taken part in the trend that the alcohol in the Borg gallon jug is often not measured, which leads to careless consumption. Moreover, the prevalence of Borg in outdoor parties makes people particularly vulnerable to dehydration and alcohol poisoning – reported by  the CNN.

Therefore, some social media posts claim that drinking borgs can reduce the risk of hangovers ,as they typically contain a half-gallon of water. But the National Poison Center says that while staying hydrated can help mitigate hangover symptoms, consuming large amounts of alcohol can still lead to a hangover, even if one is well hydrated. Is the young generation being affected by health risks while showing themselves cool ? What is your thought ?

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