Aliens might be living on earth disguised as humans, claims Harvard study

The question of existence of extraterrestrial life like aliens always fascinates everyone. However, have you ever imaging an alien disguised as human living near you. Sounds interesting right. Recently, a study by Harvard University has claimed that aliens might be living around us disguised as humans.

A new paper by researchers at Harvard University ‘s Human Flourishing Program claimed that Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), more commonly referred to as UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, could be living underground, on the moon or even walking among humans.

“The author became increasingly aware of the depth of evidence and theory that also tentatively supports another extraterrestrial explanation: the ”cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis (CTH) – our focus here – which holds that UAP may reflect activities of NHIs concealed here on Earth (e.g., underground) and its environs,” the paper stats.

The study has further investigation the concept of so-called “cryptoterrestrials”. Notably, these are beings that may be living among us disguised as humans, originating from Earth’s future, or descending from intelligent dinosaurs.

It is worth mentioning here that the study has come to fore after many incidents of spotting UFOs came to the light.

Earlier this year, a video of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) over a US military base is going viral over the internet, leaving netizens in shock. The viral clip was first shared on social media platform Instagram by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and was later went viral over other social media platforms including X (formerly called Twitter).

In the viral video, a jellyfish-like object flying over the United States joint operation base in Iraq. Jeremy Corbell has been said to be the direct eyewitnesses that corroborated that the event occurred.

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