This Northern City Of America Will See Darkness Over 60 Days

Bhubaneswar: A town in Alaska has bid goodbye to the Sun and will see the next daylight in 2021. 

Utqiagvik known as Barrow will experience the night for a span of two months after it witnessed the last sunset of the year 2020 on November 15 and will greet the next sunrise on January 22 , 2021.

The city of Utqigvik of Alaska is located at the north of the Article Circle.

The phenomenon known as polar night occurs at the high latitudes in the Arctic and Antarctic circles every winter. The reason why this town does not receive sunlight because the earth tilts away from the sun during the autumn and winter months.

The people of Utqigvik also experience in summer where there is 24 hours of daylight and it is known as a midnight sun or polar day.

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