Sister duo earn Rs 8 crores merely with a startup idea

Siblings introduced a subscription-based start-up for puja flowers with a subscription model of delivery

Every Indian thinks if there would be a system that could deliver fresh flowers in the same way as milk cartons or the daily newspapers. In light of it, two sisters got inspired by this imagination, which led them to explore more about the market gap that exists in the flower sector.

In 2019 the two siblings Yeshoda and Rhea Karuturi introduced Hoovu, a system of delivering fresh traditional flowers to the customers doorstep. They also established a subscription model of delivery in an effort to give the decades-old traditional flower business a “modern spin.”.

As per reports, the two sisters were a part of the cut flower industry as their father Ram Karuturi owns the rose farms of Kenya, Ethiopia and India where his Kenyan farm was acknowledged as the largest rose farm in the world in the 90s. So, the sisters consequently grew up witnessing the cut flower industry.

Both the sisters have discerned that the bouquet flower market had an enormous global potential but the traditional flowers have a very high demand in Indian households as people of India use them for various purposes.

Reportedly, this Bengaluru-based floral firm has an annual revenue of Rs 8 crore and was founded with an initial investment of Rs 10 lakh from an angel investor.

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