Mom saves toddler from falling off 4th storey of building # Watch

Mom saves toddler moments before he was about to fall through an apartment building stairwell. While netizens were all praise for the heroic act of the mother, the video has gone viral.

As per the video, the incident took place when the toddler wandered off towards the stairwell while his mother waited for the access door to be opened. She takes out her phone, in the process letting go of her son’s hand.

In the meanwhile the toddler walks over to a railing next to the elevator and crouches down, straining to get a good look at what’s below.  While crouching, he stumbles forward and goes through the posts in the railing.

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Thankfully his mother springs into action and catches him by the ankle at the last second before falling as he’s falling upside down in midair. She then manages to successfully pull him to safety. The heart-stopping video has been collected from CCTV footage.

The delivery man runs down the stairs, presumably assuming that the boy fell, but the mom is able to pull up the boy as four women from the office, seeing what’s happening through the glass wall, rush out to help.

According to Colombia newspaper El Espectador, the video is taken from security footage captured in the Laureles Colonial office building in Medellin.

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