Livelihood from inside a car! This Delhi couple earns Rs. 60,000 per month

Karan and Amrita, a couple based in Delhi make their livelihood by selling Rajma Chawal and other home cooked delicacies in a car.

Delhi based couple Karan and Amrita make their livelihood from inside a car by selling Rajma Chawal in their Alto at Talaktora stadium in Delhi. Named as ‘Amrita Ji ke Rajma Chawal’, the couple sells hot, home-cooked food to its customers everyday between 12:30PM to 4PM, except Saturdays.

However, prior to feeling the success of their food business, the couple has their own share of hardships and struggles to tell. Karan used to work as a driver for several years for a member of parliament until the pandemic hit. He was fired from his job and was asked to vacate the house he was living in. The had no where to go and had to reside inside their car for a period of two months.

Eventually, they sold off the little furniture they had at their house and with some help from Amrita’s parents they kick started their food business which gained public attention and interest within a short span of time. Recalling their struggles during the initial days of their business, Amrita mentioned how they had to move from places to places in order to gain customers since the lockdown was proving to get the better of them. After sometime, they started getting regular and repeating customers near the Talaktora stadium in Delhi and hence made it their base.

Popular Instagram food blogger Karan Dua discovered this small scale business and gave it a shout-out on social media, after which the delhi couple selling Rajma-Chawal caught constant curious eyes. Since then, they started with profits of Rs 320 per day, which gradually went upto Rs. 450 a day and then Rs. 600 everyday. Now the couple earns up to Rs. 60,000 per month by selling home cooked delicacies likes Chole Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal and Boondi Raita, Salad and Green chutney complementing the meals.

Karan mentioned that the struggles and hardships bore fruit not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Along with a now-successfully running business, what they have achieved is their relation being stronger than ever.

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    Wish more success and happiness to the couple. God bless

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