Lassi is fantastic for weight loss in addition to “thandak”!

Escaping the heat is getting harder and harder as the temperature is not subsiding even though the monsoon rains has began in various parts of the country. The only way to stop that is to hydrate oneself, therefore most of us reach for a cold beverage. A glass of lassi is made by combining freshly made curd that has been salted or sugared and thoroughly churned. And allow us to point you that lassi has advantages that go beyond being a fantastic coolant!

The quick relaxation that lassi provides makes it one of the best beverages. You absolutely must try a tall glass of cool lassi, especially if you want to lose weight! Your go-to beverage may be namkeen lassi or buttermilk.

Why should you consume Lassi for weight loss

Lassi is renowned for its exquisite flavour as well as for its many health advantages. The probiotics in lassi, which is rich in the benefits of milk, are ideal for treating any digestive problems. Additionally, the lactobacillus eases bowel movements.

Because it supplies vital nutrients that the body needs while having a low calorie load. lassi is ideal for weight loss as well. There are only about 50-80 calorie in a glass of lassi. Also high in satiety, lassi helps reduce junk food cravings by keeping you fuller for longer.

Other benefits of having lassi 

Lassi is very beneficial for the intestines and contains calcium, protein, and several B vitamins, including B12 which is hard to get in vegetarian diets. The relaxing effects of lassis can help shield you from sunburns during the summer. It’s lean protein content increases muscle mass and bone mineral density.

Go ahead and drink that glass of lassi and feel free to experiment with it in addition to the customary approach. For the best flavour try a buttermilk smoothie with fruit or a buttermilk salad dressing.

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